2015 BMA Recipient

The first BMA Award winner, Austin KlenschThe very first Brandon Michael Austin Award was presented to Austin Klensch during the Curtis Corner Middle School graduation ceremony. Austin was the
perfect candidate for this honor, and was carefully chosen by his teachers, as well
as the staff.

We found it pretty amazing that this first recipient should share not only the name
“Austin”, but also many of the same interests that Brandon had. According to his
family, Austin is a very active young man, who enjoys participating in school
sports. He is involved in wrestling, football, and Boy Scouts. He loves to play air
soft, and to ride his bike. After meeting Austin ourselves, we could not agree
more that he is so deserving of this honor! We wish him the very best in his future
endeavors, and look forward to watching him become a GREAT man!

The First BMA Award

Presenting the BMA Award