BMA Scholorship


Brandon Michael Austin was a student in both the Exeter/West Greenwich school district, as well as the South Kingstown school  district.  Unfortunately, he was killed in a tragic accident at the age of thirteen.  He  had a passion for anything in the automotive field, as well as a deep love for all animals.  Brandon was an extremely intelligent young man, however, both he and his family felt that the true measure of a person lies in what they give to other living things around them.  Two scholarship amounts are being offered beginning 2018 (the year he would have graduated)  in Brandon’s memory that are not based on grade point averages. Awards will be made in recognition of  “giving back” to one’s community.

Eligibility:  A graduating senior from Exeter/West Greenwich High School or South Kingstown High School   demonstrating a record of non court-ordered community service.

Value:  $1,109 to be awarded to a student attending a four-year college to pursue studies relating to animal  science, wildlife rehabilitation, or the wellness and treatment of any kind of animal/marine life.

$911 to be awarded to a student attending a secondary or trade school in any automotive field.

Criteria:  Within their four years of high school,  applicants must complete a total of  200 hours of voluntary    community service.  Preference will be given to students performing community service at any animal shelter, or wildlife rehabilitation facility.  Hours of service must be documented, signed, and submitted along with the contact information for the coordinator at the facility, or overseer of the service performed.

A minimum two page essay, (double-spaced using the 12 font) describing your future goals, what impact performing community service has had on your life, as well as any other information you wish to include about yourself or your family.

A letter of recommendation from a non-related adult such as a teacher, counselor, clergy member, or community leader.

Copy of acceptance letter from the institution applicant has chosen to attend.

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